Spring Is Coming!


I Love Spring, time for renewal….and new songs. However lately I have been enjoying learning and listening to new music sung by musician from the

past. I’ve been trying to listen closer to what it is I’m hearing as far as how I can be a part of the Positive Energy Force of Love that is brewing around

the world. All matter is driven by Positive and Negative forces and every entity exists as a cellular component…..From the Earth and the Atmosphere to

Bacteria. As the earth is a living entity, existing in a fine tuned balanced state…it would stand to reason that our extracting of materials such as oil may

through it off balance. Oil may just provide the viscous material needed for the Earth to “Breath”. Think of the tiny plates in a human scull, they provide

out scull to expand a minute amounts. The Earth has tectonic plates which move very,very slowly….I hope we are not speeding up the earths and humans

time on this earth by messing with the materials the Earth needs. This really is a beautiful place to Live…what if this is our only chance.


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