Numero Uno Blog of “The Art Of A Song”


A bit of disclaimer here, remember…it took me 61 yrs to Earn the right to be a Wise Ole Gal with a spaced out demeanor ….and it was not easy…that’s what made it so wonderful….the tough stuff is so exciting, particularly if you survive! And so begins the continued Real Show that is projected through eyes that are connected to the Heart only.

First Blog on my website as an official “Foghorn MaMa and the Naked Hearts” And so it is I find myself understanding more than I ever knew. My accumulated knowledge is turning into wisdom. And well that wasn’t easy to procure…particularly for a rare tender, little body I landed into…..and I’m so happy that I had to learn how to survive in such a silly creature whose body carelessly runs the earth.

On my way to write a song I am empowered by all my female friends….Time for the Birth of “There is Still Enough Time For Peace” Hmmmm…welcome to the conception. Try it today

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